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Cherrybrook Table Tennis Club has been providing community service by organising table tennis since 1999. We began as part of the CCCA in 1999 and operated out of the Cherrybrook Technology High School, see our original website: http://members.optusnet.com.au/tom8lee/.


The first decade Vice President Stephen Law carried out all the administration duties like organising and booking the school hall for Saturday mornings, collecting fees either in person or collecting from Tombo, then preparing annual accounts to the CCCA. Players consisted mainly of juniors with a scattering of adults who became members of CCCA.

However the school hall became very difficult to use because it was not available every week and during term 4 the hall was filled with desks and chairs from exams which needed to be moved away and returned to position. Also the hall was often unlocked because of damaged or faulty door locks and the students sometimes used and damaged the originally cheap tables stored in an unlocked room. The tables were gradually replaced with better new or scrounged second hand tables without reparation from CCCA. We stopped booking the hall in term four.

Eventually we moved to the Cherrybrook Community Centre in 2009 and soon after entered a team in the local district competition. The club grew in popularity and extended its opening hours to Wed, Thur and one year on Saturdays as well. It gained a 50% government grant from the NSW government to purchase eight desperately needed new tables. However, we had a falling out with CCCA and we were also almost forced out of the community centre.The CCCA took our $4,360 grant but we have 'naming rights' and include these 3 tables in our current assets of 14 tables.

Despite the setback, club members and numerous visiting table tennis clubs enjoy table tennis at Cherrybrook. Only a couple of years after joining SNDTTA we became a major force, have won many division competitions and have never had a team quit mid-season due to the integrity of our high quality administration. We choose our players carefully, are not manipulated by players who want to play above their true level, and force a team to play out the season even if they start losing badly because "A quitter never wins and a winner never quits" - Napoleon Hill.

The great support from the coaches and volunteer staff have resulted in many individual successful stories of social and physical health improvements, training of beginners and juniors for rapid improvement and reaching out to all strata of the community without discrimination. They include those who were unfortunately born with or accidentally acquired disabilities, the most notable being Mark Harris who began representing Australia at Paralympic ITTF level in 2014.




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