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2017 Spring Comp Teams

Spring Comp Interclub

The following players have been chosen as representatives for the Spring comp which started on 14 August. Best of luck to the teams which we expect to play hard but fair. I hope that they continue the tradition of our successful teams champion teams in the past which are well known in the HIlls and northern suburbs of Sydney as great sportsmen and women.
Surname First Name
Samsonov - Wed - Div 1  
Gow Bruce
Santosa Rudy
Yong Capt Sin Wei
Roper Matt
XuXin - Wed - Div 2  
Zhang Eddie
Leask Capt John
Chen Bruce
Cockle Phil
DNing - Thur - Div 3  
Dam Frank
Ma Martin
Ow Owen
Tong Capt Sidney
MaLong - Thu - Div 4  
Choo Ikuto
Xu Andy
Chen Capt Rick
Zhendong - Wed - Div 3  
Ilyukevich Alex
Zhang Jian
Soo Capt Jack
Kwong Kelvin 

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