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Go with Side Spin when Receiving Serve


Watch Ma Lin receiving serve from Liu Guo Liang and notice how Ma clearly goes with the sidespin all the time. When he does make a mistake, Liu either nods or chastises his protege depending if Ma read the sidespin properly. This means that if you're looking down at the ball, if the serve is clockwise, you should return with a clockwise sidespin action as well. We're just looking at the sidespin part. If Liu serves heavy underspin you need to account for that and push the ball up a little more. If he serves a combined side and topspin, be sure to topspin the ball or have a very heavy sidespin - just pushing this type of ball will pop it up for Liu to smash.

Just a quick word on Liu Guo Liang  "Liu Guoliang is a Chinese table tennis player who has won all titles at major world tournaments including World Championships, World Cup and Olympic Games. The second man to achieve a career grand slam of 3 majors". Wikipedia


If I were a professional player and playing China's national players (sure in my dreams), just seeing Liu Guo Liang in their coach's corner would mean I've already lost 2 or 3 points per match.

Does it not seem unfair, while Jan-Ove Waldner the Swedish tt legend is going around in taxis playing for beer and skittles, China's Olympic hopefuls are coached by the best. If China is serious about getting the standard of the rest of the world up there, it should get China's many former world champions to coach other countries' best juniors at least.


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