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Upskilling Your Shots Correctly

Many players erroneously  think that by endless practice, you can become a better if not good, then excellent player. In Sydney we are far away from the world's best table tennis coaches so it's important to be efficient in our endeavours.

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Transfer Skills to Competition Success

Learn how to transfer your developed table tennis technique to competition success with these simple steps. Use the spin, loops and drives to the maximum

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Technical Articles

Table tennis is a highly technical sport so the club's major focus is to help our members master the essential shots and build their skills to a very high level. By learning the correct technique they can improve and re-skill bad habits quickly. This will make them more competitive.

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How to Learn Table Tennis Fast

Here is an almost guaranteed way to improve your table tennis skills,having watched the video below by Josh Kaufman. Follow this clear step by step lesson

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6 Ways to Play Table Tennis at Any Age

There have been a surprising number of people who learnt to play a new sports well after childhood,

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