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Here is an almost guaranteed way to improve your table tennis skills,having watched the video below by Josh Kaufman. Follow this clear step by step lesson

and this will boost your success in the Sydney and NSW competitions you enter - and even the world veterans champiohships!

The most well known literature about talented sports persons is by Dr Erickson whose research on elite golf players and musicians etc. made people think that it takes 10,000 hours to become very good at anything. However, Josh said that thankfully (based on his past two years of research) he has proven that it takes only 20 hours to go from beginner level to being very good at a skill in sport, language, music or the arts.

Twenty hours is only 40 minutes a day, every day for a month and here is the way:


1. Define a performance level; what is your target, eg get to top 5 in the current division that you're playing, be able to safely attack underspin balls however spinny and be not afraid of them, going from beginner level where most people avoid you at the club (due to you not being able to hit balls decently and consistently to your partner) to a player where even the top club players don't avoid you.


2. Get a bundle of skills and practise the ones that you're going to use most first. This allows you to focus on which subskills that give you the performance that you're looking for. So break down the skills into the most basic parts and in practice prioritise the most important subskills that you'll be using most.






3. Find or get research such as videos, books or a coach to define the most important subskills that will make you become as best you can, as quickly as possible and enable you to self-correct your practice. Skim over 3-5 resources that show common elements to learn subskills that are important; practise these first. Don't procrastinate.




4. Remove barriers that hinder your practice. Have your tt table always ready to play on at home, have your bat and ball around to do ghost practice shots. Watch Youtube videos of champions playing table tennis before going to bed. Remove tv and internet consoles or install earplugs when your boss (wife) starts whinging why you haven't paid the bills yet - no, half joking! Instead of constantly using will power to force yourself to do something you want to do, use your will power only once and make it easier to do the action.


5. Pre-commit to 20 hours of focused and deliberate practice. If you dont have a strong pre-committment you won't achieve your goal because you don't have enough desire. Learning will result in some horrible and frustrating early experiences so by pre committing 20 hours you will go past the initial nasty humps. Twenty hours is not too long to scare you off and not too short to achieve a great skill.

By applying these five techniques you will guarantee a valuable learning experience and your rankings will start to zoom up.

Note that after twenty years of coaching hundreds of players, I am setting up a coaching series videos available for subscription on the internet. This will be a comprehensive coaching/learning how to correct your own skills course that will help all levels of players improve dramatically. Combined with this 20 hour pre commitment technique, my students will improve their TT skills no end!












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