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Many players erroneously  think that by endless practice, you can become a better if not good, then excellent player. In Sydney we are far away from the world's best table tennis coaches so it's important to be efficient in our endeavours.

After all, if you stay at work till midnight every day, and be the first to show up at work, you'll accumulate so much experience and know more office gossip and develop more work relationships...you're going to be promoted, right?

Wrong, the crucial difference in table tennis, a sport which does not rely on superior physical muscles or lungs-heart capacity and is highly technical like gymnastics and golf, is that you must deliberately practice good form.

Endless repetition of poor form simply means that over time you'll become a very good to excellent poor player. Read that again. For example, you'll become great at flat smashing easy balls but won't be able hit difficult low balls with power or control.


The article The Importance of Technique and Practice in Sports confirms that technical skill is crucial in learning sports. "If you are gifted, it is great, but it is not enough to have only a talent to become a professional in particular activity. You need a correct and goal directed training to get good results and perfect or flawless technique of the chosen sport. Any sportsman, even the most talented one, needs a coach, who has mastered modern methods on sportsman preparation, who has information on the new techniques in the particular sport and who is able to teach this technique to his student."


Since this section involves a lot of time to research, garner all their (lifetime) experience and ditch any outdated or ineffective strokes, the details will be gradually added to our club's website. The aim is that anyone can contribute either in commenting or adding articles but it should be based on genuine contributions (plagiarism will not be tolerated, you must simply use your own words) and the article should be supported by describing video action of recent top table tennis champions. HD Youtube videos should be included here by clicking <Insert> <Insert/edit link>

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