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We are a non profit organisation, but do not have an ABN due to inability to organise a quorum to fill the positions of the committee. Nevertheless our 'committee' consists of Tombo - President, Owen - Secretary, Foong - Treasurer and Peter - Trophies Committee member.

If you're interested to become an unofficial committee member, please contact me as there are numerous opportunities to gain experience (especially for high school age students who can include it in their CV's) to help your club as follows:

  • Contact media eg local newspapers to include our club in their 'What's up' section - Media Committee member
  • Attend Cherrybrook Community Centre AGM's and report back - Committee member
  • Update championship score details - Competition Scorer Committee member
  • Organise equipment movements every practice session - Assistant Coach
  • Assist in purchasing tables and accessories - Assistant Treasurer
  • Update the registry of club members - Registry Committee member


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