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These days it's great value for money (especially if you get a second hand table) to buy a table for the kids and yourself to play for fun or training. The only constraint is that you need minimum space to place the table. If you want your kids to avoid becoming digital zombies and have a host of problems from lack of exercise, invest in a table.

Robots are also affordable since China entered the market since twenty years ago. I will provide at least three reviews of the robots I've bought, and other members might provide thoughts on their robots.


This is a starter, details to be gradually completed. Since this section involves a lot of time to research, garner all their (lifetime) experience and ditch any outdated or ineffective strokes, the details will gradually be added to our club's website. The aim is that anyone can contribute either in commenting or adding articles but it should be based on genuine contributions (plagiarism will not be tolerated, you must simply use your own words) and the article should be supported by describing video action of top table tennis champions. HD Youtube videos should be included here by clicking <Insert> <Insert/edit link>

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