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The cost is $7 per night for 3 hours in a professional setting playing on fourteen quality tables some of which are the same brand as world class players used at the last Olympics. To open a large tt club like ours which is affiliated to the state body TTNSW, you'd need approx $30,000 to purchase tables, robots and other equipment not to mention annual hall hire fees of $10 k.

Unlike RSL clubs, we hire the local community hall and must recuperate nightly hall hire $150. RSL's do not permit juniors to play tt because under-aged drinking or gambling are disallowed. Each of their poker machines turn over minimum $500,000 annually so the free table tennis is a way of sucking in new (members) gamblers. 

I have nothing against RSL clubs, I've played there often and their tt committee members do a wonderful job but one should realise that sports club like ours have a genuine community benefit rather than the big, multi million dollar pokie fuelled clubs. 

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