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We do have group coaching classes started in May 2017. Group coaching is provided with approx. 4 students in a group, either the 8 pm (beginners) or the 9 pm session (intermediate). Coach likes to teach one shot technique per week although progress sometimes depends on the level of the students. A ten week course commences each school term on week one.

As you can see on our Technical pages, there are dozens of shots in addition to techniques like serve, footwork and tactics to master. 

Each lesson costs $17 which includes playing time after the student has finished his lesson. Coaching course must be booked and pre-paid monthly, Students should have suitable bats with spinny rubbers otherwise they will not be able to make use of the coaching. It's not a course for little young ones to have a bit of exercise; coach expects students to be able to play adult comp in a couple of years or quickly start beating their friends at school or at a home garage environment, including novice dads who will not be able to keep up in a few months.

This is not to say that coach is determined to make every kid an Olympic champion, he has almost twenty years teaching young children, realise that their focus is on fun and movement, he coaches to their physical, mental and fun levels. We have two groups - Beginner to introduce the basics, and an Intermediate group for more mature or advanced level of players.


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