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He can play at the club but unfortunately eight years old is a little too young for our group coaching. Kids need to be well above table tennis height and be able to hit the ball anyhow. Otherwise every shot would be like a tennis smash or serve. Most kids are able to hit the ball back onto the table in a fashion, our job is to teach them how to hit the ball well. I suggest that you give your son as much opportunity to hit the ball with his friends or you can just block the ball back to him. Kids in year 4 just before they go thru a growth spurt are the right age to come to our club.  Your son is quite welcome to have a hit at our club, either if someone has the patience to hit with him or you might like to bond with your child by accompanying him to the club and playing with him. Just return the ball to him at easy height and encourage him to play topspin. If he finds some way of hitting topspin, it'll prevent a slew of bad lousy habits which are the bane of a coach's life. 

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