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legs 762565 1280LAST DAY WED 28 NOV 2018

The last day of the season is Wed 28 November, 2018
HAPPY XMAS (Dec 25) and Chinese New Year (Feb 5 - 8)


Hey everyone, how this year has flown by! It seems only last week that the website was revamped. After much hard work during the year, the website's Alexa ranking has increased from 18 million to less than 2 million. (Google is number 1 at ranking =1). But I'm pleased to report that our club's website far outranks district, TTA, the table tennis shops and has passed TTNSW. 

I hope that everyone has had a happy time at our club, enjoyed the air-conditioned hall, great lighting at our facility and that our competition teams also had some great matches. 

There's exciting news coming very soon which promises that 2019 will be even greater, more inclusive and the comp players will play in an even better environment. The next two months is a great opportunity to relax from the game, try some other activities and as they say, a change is as good as a holiday.

If you believe in lucky Fri 13 or are superstitious, this might be interesting. The Chinese have lucky and unlucky numbers. The last day of our season is a great one based on homophonic meanings. 28 - 11 - 18

28 - 'yi baat' sounds like easy fortune

11 - 'yat yat' sounds like or is the part of  the phrase, for sure or every day

18 - 'yat baat' sounds like certainly fortunate or definitely will make money

So it means that on that auspicious date, we will certainly make easy fortunes. Have a happy holidays and come back next year to share in the easy fortunes to be made:)





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