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Something extraordinary happened such that the top three male players in the world (won the top spots in the recent World Table Tennis Championship in Germany) did not show up in the round of 16.

See the ITTF demand of apology or investigation.

Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Xue Xin

It would be great if anyone who understands Chinese, report back to us from the Chinese newspapers, tv or media why this happened.

Apparently, the players protested that Liu Guo Liang, their coach for at least the last ten years, recently stepped down from the men's coaching position.

My wife just checked the Chinese media. This is the gist of the story. The women's team coach Kong Ling Hui was involved in a casino related scandal recently in Singapore. Liu Guo Liang somehow has been implicated in the gambling (guys and girls - never gamble it is the bane of society; believe me it causes so much grief and it attracts dishonest people like bees to honey).

Kong Ling Hui, Women's Coach

Liu was demoted as the men's coach, he was given a more senior position in China Table Tennis but the players believe it was actually a false deceitful promotion. The President of China Table Tennis said the players did the wrong thing. Even if they thought they could not properly play due to the coaching politics hee-haw, they should have played and lost like a man, not to disappear. It was a huge disrespect to ITTF and the rest of the world. After the Hong Kong centenary or celebrations which is due next week and which he has to attend, the President will come back and decide the penalty for all players and coaches involved in this unholy media disaster.

Hmm, I was really interested in going to the Gold Coast ITTF world tour tournament but after this episode, I think the Chinese players will hardly appear. Watch for further developments, guys!

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