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There have been rumours for several years, but it seems more definite that the ITTF is desperate to build up the television rights of the sport by making viewers able to see the ball on tv such as increasing the net height and the size of the ball. This time the Swiss Tennis Association is proposing to change the net height by one cm. Referring to Asian news site

 Netease International News:

there is one which has been obtained by the ITTF, it is the Swiss Tennis Association’s ball net increase proposal. ITTF main Xiweikete acknowledged that the current authorities have embarked on a test.The net increase in the number of proposals must be tested by raising the eligibleIt is understood that the height of the net change proposal initially put forward by the Swiss Tennis Association, they propose to further increase the height of the net in the current basis.Swiss Tennis Association, said in the proposal, they proposed that the net “increase” aims therefore hope that the game can slow down the ball, the game can be more round, so that the broadcast table tennis become more ornamental.Swiss Table Tennis Association proposed net increase of only suggested the ball, but the specific number is increased, they did not give a specific program. Net height standards are currently used are: net from the top of the desktop to the table, which is 15.25 cm, the outer edges of the tables table projection to 15.25 centimeters long.

The day before yesterday, the ITTF main Xiweikete said that the proposal of the Swiss Tennis Association has been obtained by the ITTF, but the specifics of how to implement, how much net height is increased, which also need to be relevant departments of testing and inspection.

As for when to implement the reform measures, is also no timetable, at least this year’s Olympic Games in Rio should see elevated table tennis net.

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