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So this agency in Carlingford was managing a property for me. I'd given them the agreement to look after the tenant three years ago. Then the Letting Manager left a couple of years later and soon things went haywire. Anyway the tenant left, it turned out that the property was in a huge mess. I was inspecting the property with my wife on a Saturday and tried to contact the agent, who said it was all her assistant's fault who never consulted her. I said could she look at the property because she was 3 minutes away and try to get the outgoing tenant fix somethings, and she said to send her a photo and would look into it. I told her to get her butt out there at once or we'd get another agent to find a new tenant. Unfortunately it took her like two months to try and find a tenant and without success. 

And she kept on advising us to reduce the rent by $40 to $60, which was 'far too high for the area'. When we gave the job to Louis Carr R/E, they recommended a few tiny changes, showed it to their clients and in two weeks it was rented out $100 more than DF Johnson was telling us to reduce to. I am simply flabbergasted that this mob is still in business.

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