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Playing TT with Your Mind?

Table tennis is so quick, when I play with a strong player, the point is over in one or two shots. So what do you mean, playing with your brain? 

Well, table tennis is certainly a quick game, and your mental capacity is needed to be trained and used by understanding what is needed during training, changing your bad shot and remembering the correct shot. During a game you have to be focused  otherwise the match is over and you regret not doing something that you were supposed to do.


This is a starter, details to be gradually added.

Since this section involves a lot of time to research, garner all their (lifetime) experience and ditch any outdated or ineffective strokes, the details will gradually be added to our club's website. The aim is that anyone can contribute either in commenting or adding articles but it should be based on genuine contributions (plagiarism will not be tolerated, you must simply use your own words) and the article should be supported by describing video action of top table tennis champions. HD Youtube videos should be included here by clicking <Insert> <Insert/edit link>



How to Win a Match with One Shot

How to win a match with one shot? Not literally but I can demonstrate that some matches turn on the toss of a coin (sorry for all the metaphors). I have indicated from the article Impromptu Shots how the result of a match is won sometimes from the effects of a single shot as I research and provide a couple of Youtube videos showing some players collapsing badly when an unexpected situation occurs.

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Grateful for Playing Ping Pong

Leagratefulrn a great mental technique of how to play table tennis better by being grateful for starting and arriving at this stage of your table tennis journey.

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Find Your Zone - Handling Cheating

All of us in Sydney would all like to play 'in the zone' where nearly every shot is hit to maximum speed, spin and hardly misses. Why do some people win at their level and never choke like Greg Norman?  This is how to do it in table tennis

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