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First aid kit located in store room or front desk

First aiders are: …Thomas Lee……………………(as at Jan 2012

Doctor members are: Sidney Tong (as at July 2010)

In case of medical emergency, quickly ring 000 for serious situation; for minor injuries  contact Tombo Lee or any first aider.



Be careful of strained back when moving tables or heavy boxes of equipment.  Lever and pivot with your foot.

Lift with your legs, don’t bend your back

Only adults or senior high school students are allowed to shift tables. Primary school students are not allowed to move tables - they can help with setting up nets and light barriers.

Adults, it is UP TO YOU if you want to assist in the heavy work of shifting tables.  Only YOU know if your back is strong enough.




Learn from someone how to put up the net properly, watch your fingers please.

Learn how to fold up the net properly.


Warm up and stretch before playing

Drink plenty of water. Do not play if you find the hall is too hot, humid or stuffy. Your playing fee for that night will be refunded.

Older adults – be aware of heart attack symptoms.  A  few competitors have died from heart attacks in recent years while playing table tennis in other clubs.  Read identifying heart attacks. Warning signs may not be what you think.

If you have fitness problems, please see a doctor first, get a check-up, read and sign the registration form regarding liability. A few people may think they'll become fit by coming to the club and playing. Unfortunately this may be the last tactic they'll ever use, you should have minimum fitness level and it's hard to control energy spent at the table when you're immersed in a match. If you do decide to do this, disclose this to the coach, have a graduated program eg, first month play only one hour, then two hours the next month, then play full out after three months, if you and your doctor judge that you're fit by then.



If playing a disabled player, adjust your play for his disability eg, don't send balls to wide corners or short when serving to a wheel chair player, there are special rules of tt.

Volunteer to be a committee member

Help pack up nets and tables (if able bodied) at the end of play

Top graders spend a few minutes to rally against a lower grade player and please give tips to beginners – you were a beginner once!




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