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The trophies and prizes for the Ratings Comp will be awarded seasonally. A Trophies Committee (TC) will comply with the conditions of qualifying for the Final. Players will be seeded in ranking groups (eg 8,000-100,00) and invited to play the Final.

·       The Final may be a single round robin final or a Semi-Final and Final depending on the number of qualifiers.

·       Players must have played minimum 50% of available season rounds.

·       Player is a CTTC inter club rep or normal member.

·       School students need lesser attendance due to exams if they undertook regular coaching.

There is a minimum winner and runner-up trophy for each group. You can ensure to play in the final by playing >50% rounds. The list is generated by formula.TC's decisions non-appealable and final.

The quality of the trophies will depend on how much 'profit' the Comp generated to buy trophies, sponsorship and the buying power of the TC. 'Trophies' mean either trophy, medal or prize. No competition registration fee is required; your nightly playing fee ensures eligibility to play. All weekly player registrations, issue of scoresheets, internet result updates, purchase of trophies etc are free of charge to the players.

The objective is to reward players for persistence, effort and sportsmanship who improve their skill level, not  necessarily the best players in the club. The Ratings Comp results are updated ASAP.  Results are entered after each Thursday night session or the weekend at the latest. It's advisable for players to check the because mistakes can creep in when nearly 200 game scores are updated every week. 

Note that your Rating is a statistical system, so  you may lose hundreds of points if you lose once to a player who has a very low rating. We assess the initial rating of new players very carefully and gaining/losing large incremental points will not be so easy.­­­

Your progress - whether you have met the minimum number of rounds to qualify for the finals, will be monitored as follows eg; 2015 Ratings Finals, CTTC







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