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It's an obvious honor to be chosen to play for NSW Veterans team in your age group. National championships are held annually and are rotated between each state/territory. The last championship in NSW was held in 2016 so it'll be a long time before we get another home championship. Playing for Veterans is an excellent activity for retirees because you get to meet so many people not only from all over Sydney but our rural cousins, from other states and it becomes like an extended family because you also meet up with them in World/European/Asian Veterans championships.

Qualifying to represent NSW Veterans is not as difficult as you may think because not everyone has the time to play all the qualifying matches and championships or afford to travel interstate timewise or financially although the cost is minimal compared to your own overseas holiday travels.

You may enjoy just playing in the monthly Vets Competition but if you like, details for state representation requirement may be obtained from the the President of Veterans NSW Jennifer, who also plays in our SNDTTA competition, by emailing: NSW Vets TT Secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







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