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This shot is carried out close to the table - less than one metre away, even slightly over the table. The purpose is to return the ball with power, error-free and to be absolutely ready for the next attack. It's a compact shot

that can be done rapid fire action like an automatic pistol or machine gun, not like a single shot rifle.

As a beginner, you'd be doing well if you mastered three things:

  1. Assuming you have mastered the ready stance and grip, bend your knees and from the perfect ready stance, twist your bat slightly towards your backhand since you're expecting the ball to come to your backhand. Keep your elbow in front of you.
  2. Swing your hand 80-100 degrees anti clockwise on a horizontal plane, ie if looking from directly overhead, your bat goes from 11-12 o'clock to 7 o'clock. That is your backswing - how easy is that? Drop your bat slightly as you go to this position and twist your shoulder a bit as well because we don't want a weak shot by just using your hand to create power.
  3. The forward swing is done by accelerating towards the ball. Swing your bat both forward and upwards, in a slight curve so that you hit the ball about 40 degrees from the horizontal or 30 degrees from a line parallel to the table baseline. Of course your bat doesn't travel far from the end of cycle 2 if you are just blocking; but the contact is further from your body if you're hitting the ball aggressively. Your bat must finish at shoulder height and does not go past your right shoulder. You hit the ball with a contact angle of 10 o'clock (the 12 o'clock point on the ball is the topmost part of the ball). Your forearm does most of the work  rotating about your elbow which moves only a few cm.

When you're training, yell out the numbers only 1-(ready), 2-(backswing), 3-(shot ended). Table tennis is an action sport, not an academic exercise, so

view the BH drive shot by Ma Lin

to confirm your understanding, otherwise coaching is recommended.          

 1. ready

 2. Backswing








 3. Ended shot

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