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Backhand Loop - Advanced Level

I don't have time to articulate the final 4 tips to make your backhand drive successfully mimic the technical quality of world champions, however this video shows you that the modern backhand can be a dangerous attacking weapon. In fact, whoever has the strongest backhand should win at club level because everyone directs  most of their shots to opponents' backhand these days. It's just that the shot is difficult to master or be powerful. 

Clash Of The Backhands II - Zhang Jike Vs Dimitrij Ovtcharov


I recently saw this video of an unknown relatively low ranked player but with a tremendous backhand

Karakasevic - The Legendary Backhand (Karas Magic)


In the old days of 38 mm ball the following player was undoubtedly the backhand dominant player of the world. He might have won some events on the world tour but disappointed at Olympic Games, especially Greece. Just watching this video reminds me that the Chinese, although dominating the sport, are robot-like. In the top 100 players in the national Super League, there is not a single guy like Kreanga with his flourishing, all-win, no care backhand loop. It often left his opponents flabbergasted, disbelieving that the ball has just flown past them within millimetres of their right hand corner. I also whine for the old days and think that ITTF might have made a mistake in increasing the size of the ball. It seems to have made players like Kreanga redundant but the result is that table tennis has become more boring. This is a little worrying because in China, holding the best professional league in the world, the players often play to half empty stadiums. This video encourages me to coach the flourishing backhand loop but it's too hard for the juniors (and Kreanga had continual shoulder injuries) and I think our adult players realise the impracticality of it all, ie they're too old..  :)

Kreanga - The legend of backhand

By the way, if you look at Kreanga's left hand, it goes backwards after his right hand finishes its extreme trajectory. From a guy that's had shoulder surgery, I go ouch every time he does that. I coach students to let their free arm to follow the ball, not like in martial arts whether it goes in contradiction to the ball and attacking hand. Ma Lin, Jike, Xuexin and the top Chinese players' free hand go in unision with the ball for part of the way, thus reducing potential injury.



Backhand Loop

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