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It’s important to play close to the table and this is a typical tactic of the Chinese compared to the European style. Asian players used to step back to loop only when necessary but it changed after the new ball was introduced. If you don't have a shot similar to Ma Long,

you are going to struggle against A and B graders. Watch the video below and find tips to copy the Fh of Ma Long who has been ranked world no. one for several years in 2016 and was a core player for China in the Brazil Olympics.

WHY - hit the ball earlier/harder using opponent's ball speed, enable angles, give opponent shorter time to react. HOW – bat starts in front - back swing 90 degrees (no further), finish with bat head high and in front (not past), hit with almost flat blade (angled brush for advanced players). From ready position, drop your bat so enabling an elliptical swing (don't back swing, pause and swing back in the same arc). Use your waist to turn your hip and shoulder (don't just use your hand). Keep your knees bent at all times. Accelerate your bat and contact the ball at 2 o'clock on the ball. Return to your ready position quickly.

Ma Long practising multiball in an unbelievable tempo

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