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Table tennis is a highly technical sport so the club's major focus is to help our members master the essential shots and build their skills to a very high level. By learning the correct technique they can improve and re-skill bad habits quickly. This will make them more competitive.

They are encouraged to playing maturely with good sportsmanship, assisting beginners in their busy schedule and focusing on improvement of skills not to just win at any cost. The process, not the accumulation of trophies is important.

Since this section involves a lot of time to research, garner all their (lifetime) experience and ditch any outdated or ineffective strokes, the details will gradually be added to our club's website. The aim is that anyone can contribute either in commenting or adding articles but it should be based on genuine contributions (plagiarism will not be tolerated) and it should be supported by describing or copying video action of top table tennis champions. HD Youtube videos should be included in the article. 
This is a starter, details to be gradually added.

 To complete: 

Section or TTPedia for all aspects of the game .  article format, all members able to initiate comments for articles Filter and sorting, fields would be FH/BH, spin type, shot, robots, bat review, tactics, tournaments, training, mental, drills, footwork...




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